Winter is wrapping up and we're already looking forward to spring. Although we're still bundled up in our homes, we can at least imagineg going outside drinking an iced beverage without a coat. This means it's time to start preparingour wardrobes for Spring!. When it comes to common Spring clothing trends, your mind may think of everything from printed dresses to colorful tops and light layers. This years Spring fashion trends are similar, but who says you can't look your best on a budget? A Walmart brand called 'Scoop' has its newest Spring clothing collection out and it features everything we're looking out for: bright colors, bold prints, denim and accessories all for under $50 a piece. Read on to learn how to wear this Springs season's best trends - without breaking the bank!

Spring Fashion Trend #1: Color Combination Pink & Red

The pink and red color combination is the one Spring fashion trend that everyone is wanting to try out because it brings so much joy and it is the definition of the season! Pink and red can be worn in so many different ways:There’s a faux leather moto jacket, pleated midi skirt, puff sleeve sweater and asymmetrical dress so you’re bound to find a piece that fits your personal style.

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Spring Fashion Trend #2: Accessories

Accessories can be a game changer in any outfit because they can turn a casual outfit into a little something more. Accessories also be an area where you can experiment outside of your comfort zone without breaking the bank or making too much of a statement if that’s not what you’re looking for. It can just be a change of your earrings or sunglasses and people will stop for a second and ask you where they’re from!

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Spring Fashion Trend #3: Prints

Prints are for the maximalists who are loud and proud and have no shame! You can print clash, wear another bright color or let the one item be the star of the show. In Scoop’s collection, they have a ruffle midi dress and a long sleeve blouse that isn’t too in your face but still makes the statement if that’s what you want. Prints can nitely be nerve-wrecking at first so maybe try one print at a time if it’s your first rodeo.

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January 03, 2023 — Arturo Herrero