Although fashion week has passed in New York, London Fashion Week is runner-up when it comes to trend-setting fashion shows. From the look of the runways, it was clear that fashion designers wanted to make a statement when it came to their fall/winter collections. “Maximalism dominated this year’s London fashion week trends, including Y2K fashion and pale pink as the color of the season. But on the other hand, there were some darker trends like gothic-inspired and dark romantic to name a few. Let’s dive into these top fashion trends that you need to be on the lookout for when shopping!


While we normally associate the fall season with traditionally darker colors such as wine reds, navy blues, or black, it was the pale pink color that stood out on the runways during London Fashion Week. This cotton-candy pink was briefly seen last year around the spring/summer months when pastels were all the rage. If you don’t already see it now, you definitely will in the fall in all forms of outerwear, accessories, shoes, and so much more.

Dark Romance Theme

While the pastel piano added some airiness to the runways, there was also a darker element thrown in the mix of London fashion week.. When you hear that, you automatically think of your teenage years of being a 'scene' teengaer with the Hot-Topic-inspired clothing and graphic tees. But during these times, it's more of all-black attire but in a dark romantic humor. Think dresses with ornate fabrics, intricate lace, satin, studded gloves and oxfords. These lare all achievable pieces to obtain - or you may just have some in your wardrobe to try out the trend!

Y2K Fashion

Y2K fashion trends ne shouldn't come as a surprise as we saw this trend slowly start creeping up towards the end of last year with low-rise jeans and baby tees. If you thought Y2K fashion was goingnowhere, you were wrong because it is definitely here to stay. Super mini skirts are making a comeback and the Miu Miu is a popular one you have seen everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. While whatever you feel comfortable with is totally up to you, these are some exciting London fashion show trends you can follow if you're feeling a change!

January 03, 2023 — Arturo Herrero